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For all your basic design layouts in print & web design as well as much more!

Goodnight Art & Design has been working for over 20 years completing graphic design projects using mostly Apple computers. We also maintain our Mac’s and on occasion a few for others. Having worked with companies that owned and produced as many 6 to 12 magazines each month in a local office has required us to produce and/or proof anywhere from 125 to 400 magazine ads and articles per month per designer, so production type projects are familiar to us.

We like to work with individuals and companies to get their projects done in a manner which is cost efficient for our customers. Most of the work over the years has been freelance for our customers which includes individuals, agencies, graphic design companies, printers, and publishers.

Goodnight Art & Design enjoys working with customers that have their thoughts organized for ad layouts, as well as those that need help with organization and ideas. We can work with those that need business cards, brochures, articles with copy and graphics, logos, photo retouching or blending in Photoshop. Our projects have also included garment & T-shirt design and color separations for garment printers that use flims & screens.

Prepress work is one speciality of Goodnight Art & Design Services, especially getting files ready for the printer and other digital uses. Some of the printers that are used for projects are local and some are in other states. Our files need to and do go to the printer from us, ready to print per each printers instructions to minimize cost and to get the project done efficiently. 

Goodnight Art & Design also specializes in preparing files, graphics and publications for use on the web as well as making copy changes, adding links and doing simple changes to existing web pages using ftp connections on files that can be changed with Adobe and other software. We can also prepare files to send to your own web team.

• Creativity needs direction from customers! With that direction it helps us ensure the projects get done to the look desired by each individual customer.

• Creativity with good direction from customers gets the projects done on time to the look desired by that customer

• Discussion is very important for projects helping them to be produced properly and getting them done on time and in a timely manner.

• Effective communication is critical for projects being produced properly and getting them done on time.

Currently we are using Apple computers with dual processors, high speed internet, Adobe's Creative Suite as well as other graphics and layout software. Other new programs may be obtained as needed for special projects on a case by case basis. We design using Adobe Creative Suite. We also use PC's with Windows software to check that web pages display well on the web.

Hours: Business hours are as needed to get existing projects done on time.

Rates, payments and turnaround are determined on a project by project basis. Project aspects that require more skill cost more, but simple projects cost less. We don't believe in over-charging customers!

Please contact us to discus each project.

We look forward to working with you.
Thanks for your time!

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